June Achievements


  • Learned how to make a fire.
  • Managed to do a few days at ABC radio and produced some good shows.
  • Blogged every day.
  • Garage sorted.
  • Used a chainsaw and didn’t lose a limb.
  • Paperwork all submitted for life insurance and superannuation.
  • Got out of bed almost every day.

You’ve got to celebrate the small wins.

What did you achieve last month that made you proud of yourself?

30 Days Done and Dusted

Photo by David Fitzpatrick

Photo by David Fitzpatrick

Yippee. Doing a happy dance. I’ve posted every day for thirty days. Clearly not some of best work (although there were moments where there a sign of the old me in there), and I seem to have developed an obsession with all things death related (sorry, but I don’t think I’m done with that topic yet).

I’ve realised writing at night (which started because I was having trouble sleeping) is not a strength. So from tomorrow I’m back to morning writing.

Certainly blogging has forced me into thinking about our situation from a different perspective and has helped me to begin processing the events of the last few months. The positive reinforcement from your comments and likes continues to be a tremendous help as I realise grief is a beast of a thing which makes you vulnerable and fragile at a time when you need to be at your strongest.

Thank you for sticking with me.

Happy Birthday

10364138_10152300149173515_1897103779422571673_nBeen clubbing. Well I did birthday lunch at the Golf Club for my Mum who turns 75 today¬†(oops if I wasn’t supposed to mention the age).

Thank you Mum for everything. Especially the really difficult things you had to do with and for me recently.

Hoping to replace the photo tomorrow when the photographer of the family finally gets around to posting on Facebook the photos he took today – which is how I have to steal his photos for the blog. Edit Brother finally uploaded photos thank you David.

Thank You To A Stranger

Tacking Point Lighthouse

Photo by David Fitzpatrick

On the day Simon died somebody had seen him fishing and a little while later noticed his gear was still on the rocks but he wasn’t. That was the person who called in the rescue guys.

There is no doubt in my mind that the reason his body was recovered was because of that person’s vigilance and action.

At the time the girls and I met with the Surf Lifesaver who found Simon and got to thank him for his work on the day.

However, I never thought to ask about the person who made the call.

Whoever they are I wish they knew that we are very grateful for what they did, I can’t imagine how difficult it would have been if he hadn’t have been found.

Thank you stranger.




There was someone missing this week.

Someone who should have been there to celebrate the life milestone of a daughter getting a licence.

Someone who should have sat me after the Senior Soiree, where his daughter displayed her art and sang her heart out, dissecting the evening with pride.

Someone who should have suffered with me through another school awards ceremony and been amazed at what his daughter had managed to do.

It’s just the start of the missing.

Tonight’s Musical Selection

My career as an international spy has hit a road block. Clearly I suck at filming surveillance videos. But sticking with my whole quantity not quality theme this month I am posting it anyway.

I think I’ve managed to adjust the positioning so you no longer need to lie down on your side to watch, and the focus improves slightly when Princess Child leans over my shoulder, sighs and taps the screens.

It’s probably best to just listen to it really and forget there was any attempt at getting pictures at all.

So I Was Going To Blog …

Photo by David Fitzpatrick

Photo by David Fitzpatrick

I had plans for blogging today. They went something like this …

A heartfelt piece on my daughter passing her driving test and being able to drive unaccompanied, but that turned out to be a little more emotional than I was bargaining on, so it’s still sitting in “drafts”.

A nice piece on my daughter’s artwork that was on display at the school tonight, but she doesn’t want me to post it until she has fixed the shading (and on the understanding that nobody reads my blog), so that’s also in “drafts”.

Keeping with the musical bent I’ve been on lately I was going to post a video of above artistic daughter singing at school tonight. But I was trying to surreptitiously film, given she wouldn’t have wanted me to, I couldn’t work out how to get it in focus, and I held the camera the wrong way while I was filming. That one is in the “technical difficulties” folder.

So instead I’m taking my emotionally drained little self off to bed, I hope wherever you are you are having or have had a great day.