Trying to find the funny

Dear Simon I have to write to you because I got all angry and ranty on the blog and Facebook yesterday and promised my readers I would go back to writing funny letters to my dead husband today. So .... anything amusing happening up where you are? Does God have a sense of humour? I have a big day planned, I'm cleaning out the study. Don't you … [Read More...]

The Feminism Battle Continues

The bitchiness has to stop, we are inhaling it like it is a carbon emission blowing out of the exhaust pipe of the cross town bus we are stuck behind. Snark is the idiots version of wit and we are being polluted by it. There are things we can … [Read More...]


Year 12 Begins

Hippie Child has started Year 12. I think I’m going to take up serious drinking. In fact, I don’t know why Liquorland doesn’t have a discount card for HSC parents, it would be a marketing goldmine. I’ve given her the pep talk. We started off … [Read More...]

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September Achievements

Organised the logistics of taking two teenagers away within the only  four day window available between their other engagements. Managed to pull it off only a few days before leaving (when they eventually agreed to go away). I am a … [Read More...]

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Half A Year

Dear Simon, Guess what? I fixed that blocked drain in the bathroom. OK so I just poured some draino stuff down it, but then I had to do some poking around with a chopstick to get rid of some of the glunkier hair mass. (Why do our daughters have … [Read More...]


One Down One Up 26/09/2014

Let's just all accept that for me Monday is the new Friday. I seem to be consistent in my late posting to Chrystina's link-up. One Down Princess Child has had three teeth removed and braces put on. Princess Child has been in pain and … [Read More...]

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Visiting Whitehaven Beach on The Whitsundays

We decided to take a day trip to Whitehaven Beach. I had images of a nice sedate cruise on the catamaran yacht with food from a five star Airlie Beach restaurant and alcohol.  Instead the girls chose the highspeed jetboat/inflatable thing. That was … [Read More...]


Running Away To Daydream Island

I did a spur of the moment elcheapo package deal to Daydream Island in the Whitsundays after a particularly bad few weeks. We needed to clear our heads. It turns out one of Simon's major roles in life was to try to curb my tendency to over pack … [Read More...]


One Down One Up – 19/9/14

It's becoming a habit to be late with these, but I have a good excuse I was on HOLIDAYS. ONE DOWN I bought a new swimsuit. It was horrific. I went up a size, and it's still a close call on whether it isn't too small. I thought grief-stricken … [Read More...]


Me Mate

  Me Mate  by Brett Goshorn It never sounded right to me The word mate I was used to friend, pal, or even buddy But now it sounds natural Now that me mate is gone I saw his picture the other day and it startled me There it was under a … [Read More...]

Soft Shell Crab at The Rivermark Cafe.

One Down One Up 12/09/2014

Publishing Late oops. Sorry Chrystina. One Down It was a far better week this week. However, as is usual when you are living with a hailstorm of grief, the best of times can be the worst of times (sorry Dickens).  Hippie Child's team won … [Read More...]

Sorry for the parents we missed, we weren't very organised.

We Did It

  Dear Simon, I hope you are sitting down on some comfy white cloud. Guess what? WE WON. I know it won't surprise you. After all you told Hippie Child after watching the first few training sessions of the season that you thought they … [Read More...]


That Was Wednesday

Yesterday I got a faint glimpse into what my world might look like when the children leave home. Princess Child is at a school camp. Hippie Child has exams which means early/late start/finish times. It was decided she would take the car to school and … [Read More...]