Sunday Papers


Well this is an unusual scenario. I'm home alone. One child is off camping the other at a birthday party sleepover. I've just realised I haven't had the house to myself since I went back to full-time work. I think I've forgotten what to do with myself. I did consider running around the house naked. The last time I did the run from my bedroom to … [Read More...]

Ellenborough falls


We took a day trip to Ellenborough Falls at Elands last week. Princess Child wanted to take photographs so we navigated the two hour drive from Port Macquarie over a large stretch of winding, dirt road, because you know I like to support my … [Read More...]

tianna 018


  Dear Princess Child Yesterday you turned sixteen!! Old enough to get your learner's permit to drive! The years are melting away and before I know it you will be following your sister out into the big world. I just wanted to pen a … [Read More...]

Businessman signing contract. Focus on the end of ballpoint pen. Shallow depth of field. Close-up.

Entering the Bureaucracy of Adulthood

  My holidays are nearing an end and I haven't accomplished half of what I wanted to do. So in a desperate catch-up effort this week I'm trying to get at least the vitally important stuff completed. Yesterday I introduced Hippie Child … [Read More...]


Taking Stock – January 2016

  At the start of a New Year I thought it was probably timely to do a Taking Stock post - the idea blatantly nicked from the lovely Pip at Meet Me At Mikes. I'm on holidays (22 December until 18 January) so I have had a deliciously long … [Read More...]


Watching Right Now #makingamurderer #joy

On a long summer break we have spent an inordinate amount of time watching television and movies. Our internet usage has skyrocketed! Here's some of what we've been viewing. Making A Murderer - if you were a fan of the Serial podcast you … [Read More...]


Christmas 2015

Christmas when someone is missing can be a tough gig. Robin Bailey wrote about the lead up to her second christmas since her husband's death on Mamamia. While Christine Rasmusen on Second Firsts had some great advice for those struggling to deal with … [Read More...]

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Exorcising the Grief With Another Letter

Dear Simon It's been awhile, sorry about that, but I've been busy you know raising these daughters you left behind, dealing with this house (yes I know the house was all my idea, clearly you were right it was a bad idea to build I can hear the "I … [Read More...]

This is where the problem began.

Mamma’s Don’t Let Your Kids Grow Up To Be Creative

  So, here we are, the end of high school for Hippie Child. After this it’s study, study, for the HSC exams in October ... and then ... well I’m not thinking about what comes next ... I’m taking the denial approach. To say this year has … [Read More...]


So Things Got A Little Freaky

Dear Simon Talk about signs, this one was a bit out there. I'm trying to get this bloody house finished so I was googling renderers to finish the brickwork, there was one there called Simon Williams (how weird that he would have your name)! … [Read More...]


What I’d Miss (And What I Wouldn’t)

I'm reading The Most of Nora Ephron and for this post I am blatently stealing her idea of writing a list of what I'd miss if I was to die (read Nora's lists here). Now I'm not planning on checking out soon, I'm not even sick, despite my repeated … [Read More...]

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And So I’ll Stand

 By Brett Goshorn He never sat on the sidelines, He always stood, And I never paid much attention to it. But as the years passed, I found myself dragging an extra chair, To the weekly ritual of the round ball. Where it would be thrown on the … [Read More...]


We Survived The First Christmas

Dear Simon, Well we got through it. The first Christmas without you. There was the usual chaos. Hippie Child was tasked with recreating your famous potato salad the one that you've served up every year since we've been in Port Macquarie to … [Read More...]