So That Was 2012

Well the good news is the world didn’t end. Heads up to those of you in different time zones, Australia’s still here so you’ll all be OK. There was some torrential rain around the suggested hour of destruction but no flaming meteorites. Phew.

So given we all didn’t detonate during the night I’m taking the opportunity to take a look back at the year that was 2012.

My first full year in the blogging world. I tried to look back through my posts. I discovered two things, firstly I wrote a lot. I starting looking at what I had produced and got through January and February before my short attention span issues kicked in and I lost interest. Secondly, some of my early stuff is quite good, you really should check it out. Lesson, need to refocus to maintain consistency for the entire year!

I also realised my blog, which was intended purely as a place for me to get into the habit of writing each day while learning some new social media skills, has turned out to be very much a record of our family life. I didn’t plan it that way, but it seems a dog dying and a second dog dying, primary school graduations, the trials of homework, the stress of exams plus an assortment of birthdays and trips away have made their way into my blogging space.

I’m hopeful that, despite my daughters’ reluctance to feature on the said blog, it will in the future provide a unique record of their growing up, that they will enjoy more in hindsight than in actual experiencing.

I tried new things in the blogosphere this year, I attending a blogging conference, I had a long conversation with the highly successful blogger Eden Riley, I took two blogging courses Blogging from the Heart and Blogging Your Way Boot Camp. I took part in the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge and got to read some interesting books from Aussie female writers including Fishing For Tigers, Floundering, Love and Hunger, Silent Fear, Watercolours, The Testimony, and  Unbearable Lightness.

I converted from to and took a lot of time to adapt!

I made some new friends from near and far through this atypical space called the internet, and it’s been wonderful to get to know people through their unique blogs.

The world fumbled along, politicians politicised, we cried as tragedies unfolded, there were new inventions,  songs were sung, movies made, art works created, books written.

In our little family daily life played out in all it’s usual boredom, amazement, challenges and joys.

How has your 2012 been?

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    I know what you mean – I lost interest trying to read through all the year’s blogs too. But it is a great electronic diary of your family’s life. Merry Christmas Janine!

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