The Dry

Ten Books by Aussie Women Writers to Read This Year

These are the books by Australian female authors on my "to read" list for 2016 ... with the publisher's blurbs which have convinced me they are worth reading! The Dry by Jane Harper This book won the Victorian Premier's Literary Award for an Unpublished Manuscript It's Jane's first novel with rights sold to over twenty … [Read More...]

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A New Week

Hi Simon A new week is beginning down here in relentless reality. There are a bills to be paid, a job to get to and so on. On the positive, Hippie Child is home for a holiday. We went off to the Melbourne Comedy Roadshow and had dinner after at … [Read More...]

Mountain Devil flower.

Figuring It Out

  Alright, everyone can relax, I've got everything sorted.  I'm working on ten-year-plan. Yep me the girl who couldn't commit to anything for longer than 18 months is working on a TEN YEAR PLAN. So far I've got I want a million dollars in … [Read More...]

Behind the Scenes

So after my maudlin midweek meltdown Friday finally arrives. My continuing quest to be super mum gets me into trouble again but not before a chaotic work day. So here's how my day played out. Months ago I gate crashed my friends' date night and … [Read More...]


Keeping it Together

    Dear Simon It's hump day. The middle of the working week. Already the to do list has bitten the dust, replaced by the just-in-the-nick-of-time-battle-to-do-the-urgent-stuff list. I've been working full time for … [Read More...]

Lisa Wilkinson  Age 56

Over 40 and Rocking It at the #Logies2016

It's Logies night. This post is for all the women who can no longer do necklines cut to the navel, or thigh high splits or skirts skimming private vestiges. The desire might be there but frankly the body is working against us ... the boobs make it to … [Read More...]


Meternity Leave – Could It Be a Thing?

  There's a woman in America causing a bit of a stir. Meghann Foye has written a book titled "Meternity" where she argues every working woman should get paid maternity leave even if she doesn't have kids. Apparently when Meghann … [Read More...]


Goggle Box

I've finally found a reality TV show I can participate in. I'm disqualified from the building, home renovation shows, because lets face it after a decade of building a house which still remains unfinished and undecorated makes me instantly … [Read More...]


I have a go at the Proust Questionnaire

So there is this thing called the Proust Questionnaire. Apparently it's an old parlour game that is a questionnaire about your personality. It takes its name from the answers given by French writer Marcel Proust when he played the game back in … [Read More...]

Flowers on the Grave

Two Years on The Grief Journey

So it turns out this grief thing doesn't have an end date. The calendar says it's been two years but our hearts still feel like it was yesterday. You've got no idea the number of people who drown, this summer has been a particularly bad one. I … [Read More...]


Life Goes On

So many changes is such a short time. One leaves home Since we last spoke, Hippie Child has moved out of home. Living two and a half hours away she's studying art at University. I've managed to get her to make me her friend on Facebook, it's … [Read More...]

Sunday Papers


Well this is an unusual scenario. I'm home alone. One child is off camping the other at a birthday party sleepover. I've just realised I haven't had the house to myself since I went back to full-time work. I think I've forgotten what to do with … [Read More...]

Ellenborough falls


We took a day trip to Ellenborough Falls at Elands last week. Princess Child wanted to take photographs so we navigated the two hour drive from Port Macquarie over a large stretch of winding, dirt road, because you know I like to support my … [Read More...]