Me Mate

  Me Mate  by Brett Goshorn It never sounded right to me The word mate I was used to friend, pal, or even buddy But now it sounds natural Now that me mate is gone I saw his picture the other day and it startled me There it was under a pile of my daughter’s books The Great Big Enormous Toshi Stephen Colbert’s I am a Pole and So Can … [Read More...]

Soft Shell Crab at The Rivermark Cafe.

One Down One Up 12/09/2014

Publishing Late oops. Sorry Chrystina. One Down It was a far better week this week. However, as is usual when you are living with a hailstorm of grief, the best of times can be the worst of times (sorry Dickens).  Hippie Child's team won … [Read More...]

Sorry for the parents we missed, we weren't very organised.

We Did It

  Dear Simon, I hope you are sitting down on some comfy white cloud. Guess what? WE WON. I know it won't surprise you. After all you told Hippie Child after watching the first few training sessions of the season that you thought they … [Read More...]


That Was Wednesday

Yesterday I got a faint glimpse into what my world might look like when the children leave home. Princess Child is at a school camp. Hippie Child has exams which means early/late start/finish times. It was decided she would take the car to school and … [Read More...]

father's day blog post

The First Father’s Day

I hope all the dads, granddads and stepdads out there had a great day yesterday. I hope you were surrounded by love and everyone laughed at your silly jokes just to make you feel good. It's kinda scary, there are some guys who read this blog, some … [Read More...]


Then there was August

Managed to work on the days I was called in for my casual job. Completed the fire training course for that casual job - apparently I'm now allowed onto fire grounds to report on bushfires! Took the girls to a Kate Miller Heidke concert. Stayed … [Read More...]

Soccer Mums

One Up One Down

The absolutely lovely Chrystina Noel has created a link up called one down, one up where you share the worst and best part of your week. I'm joining in and you are welcome to as well, just head over to Chrystina's site to take part. One … [Read More...]

Another day begins, it's gonna be a better one. Photo by David Fitzpatrick

New Day

Dear Simon You've gone too far this time. I know you got nervous when the Navy super came through. You think having some money in the bank is a dangerous thing for me. (By the way there's still no sign of the life insurance or super from that … [Read More...]


Things Fall Apart

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned; W B Yeats Grief is a tumultuous rollercoaster ride. I've always hated … [Read More...]


Going Out On A School Night

Last week I was given two free tickets to see Kate Miller Heidke. Of course when you have TWO children into music this becomes a choice of epic "pick the favourite" proportions. I decide the child doing music for the HSC and having singing lessons … [Read More...]

card edit

Sadness Continues

Dear Simon I need you to do something. Our friend Alex joined you yesterday. You need to find him and make sure he's OK. He'll be a little confused, given he's an atheist and all, so the whole heaven thing might be a bit of a shock for him. For … [Read More...]

Iphone 033

I Haven’t Quite Finished Talking Yet

  Dear Simon, Has heaven gotten a little funnier this week? Robin Williams left us, so if you run into him say hi. I wonder if famous people get to mix with ordinary folk once they get to heaven? These are the questions I ponder now. I … [Read More...]


It’s Just A Game!

Can someone explain to me why, when my daughter is perfectly legal to drive herself to the 8.40pm soccer game on a Friday night, I still insist on going? Gen X helicopter parenting at its finest right there. Of course if I hadn't gone I would have … [Read More...]