This is where the problem began.

Mamma’s Don’t Let Your Kids Grow Up To Be Creative

  So, here we are, the end of high school for Hippie Child. After this it’s study, study, for the HSC exams in October ... and then ... well I’m not thinking about what comes next ... I’m taking the denial approach. To say this year has been difficult would be an understatement. You see it turns out Hippie Child has a creative streak so … [Read More...]


So Things Got A Little Freaky

Dear Simon Talk about signs, this one was a bit out there. I'm trying to get this bloody house finished so I was googling renderers to finish the brickwork, there was one there called Simon Williams (how weird that he would have your name)! … [Read More...]


What I’d Miss (And What I Wouldn’t)

I'm reading The Most of Nora Ephron and for this post I am blatently stealing her idea of writing a list of what I'd miss if I was to die (read Nora's lists here). Now I'm not planning on checking out soon, I'm not even sick, despite my repeated … [Read More...]

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And So I’ll Stand

 By Brett Goshorn He never sat on the sidelines, He always stood, And I never paid much attention to it. But as the years passed, I found myself dragging an extra chair, To the weekly ritual of the round ball. Where it would be thrown on the … [Read More...]


We Survived The First Christmas

Dear Simon, Well we got through it. The first Christmas without you. There was the usual chaos. Hippie Child was tasked with recreating your famous potato salad the one that you've served up every year since we've been in Port Macquarie to … [Read More...]

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The F Series – Taking The Circuitous Staircase

  As I predicted, Julie Bishop's refusal to embrace the F word, drew criticism. One of the most interesting pieces about this issue was by Paula Matthewson over at Women's Agenda, The real reason women of the right will never call themselves … [Read More...]

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There’s Been An Interruption to Normal Transmission

Clearly, I'm not meant to be organised. For only the second time in the three-year history of this blog I had a week-long editorial plan. I KNEW what I was going to be blogging about each day. This is vastly different to my normal mode of blogging … [Read More...]

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The F Series – Who’s Wearing The Right Label?

  I have written before about my struggles with the term feminist. To recap basically it's this; in my twenties I would have clearly defined myself as a feminist; in my thirties I would still have regarded myself as a feminist but was … [Read More...]

Wife Drought

The F Series – Reading This Week – The Wife Drought – Annabel Crabb

  If Annabel Crabb and I weren't both straight women I would kiss her passionately on the lips. Finally, somebody explains clearly the impact of children, family responsibilities and the goddamn housework on a woman's ability to … [Read More...]


The F Series – We Could Need Help.

"Gender equality is not a battle of the sexes – it is about one half of humanity supporting each other," Elizabeth Broderick, Sex Discrimination Commissioner. In 1967 a nineteen year-old  student at Syracuse Uni­versity, Kathrine Switzer, was … [Read More...]

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Just Apologising In Advance To My Readers

Dear Readers, I tried to get over my anger regarding feminism/equality/commentators but I failed. So for the next five days I'm going to inflict upon you The F Series. It's a series where I wander aimlessly through the vast empty expanse of my … [Read More...]


Trying to find the funny

Dear Simon I have to write to you because I got all angry and ranty on the blog and Facebook yesterday and promised my readers I would go back to writing funny letters to my dead husband today. So .... anything amusing happening up where you are? … [Read More...]

The Feminism Battle Continues

The bitchiness has to stop, we are inhaling it like it is a carbon emission blowing out of the exhaust pipe of the cross town bus we are stuck behind. Snark is the idiots version of wit and we are being polluted by it. There are things we can … [Read More...]